Enameled Litz Wire

Litz wire is frequently found in power applications in frequencies ranging between lower tens to higher hundreds kilohertz, namely induction cookers and transmitters of inductive chargers. Multiple parallel twisted strands of enameled wires can be found also in transformers and in switching power supplies.

Litz wire products comply with JIS international standards and our wire products have diameters ranging from 0.040 mm to 0.90 mm, manufactured according to standards wire gauge (SWG) No. 20 ~ 48 including manufactured according to customer requirements.


  1. Conductor
    The conductor shall be annealed copper wire. The annealed copper wire will be specified in JIS C 3102 standard  specifications, smoothly drawn, circular in section, uniform is quality and free from defects.

  2. Insulating materials
    The insulating film of the wire shall be made by insulating varnish mainly composed of Polyurethane resins on the  conductor uniformly and perfectly. According to JIS C 3202 standard specifications.

  3. Twisting
    Round copper enamelled wires all twisted together or bundles of twisted round copper enamelled wire twisted together. Final production is litz wires.