Company Profile

Siam Pacific Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. (SP) was established in 1989. Our current registered capital is 670 Million Baht; the total annual volume of business is over 2 Billion Baht; and the market share is approximately 25% in Thailand.

Our head office is located in downtown Bangkok while the plant of more than 300 employees occupying 70 rai (112,000 m²) is located in the Pathumthani Province just outside of Bangkok. We supply high quality Enameled Wire, Telecommunication cables to the local market. Our products are manufactured by using modern European, Japanese, and Taiwanese machinery. The raw materials are selected from some of the best in the world, using top grade copper with copper purity of 99.95% and conductivity of 100.5%.

All of the production process are computer controlled, giving excellent quality required by our customers. We have in every way used high technology and advanced management to meet the company’s quality policy and customers’ requirements.

The company manufactures Enameled Wire with type of Copper (Cu) for a large range of 0.018 ~ 4.50 mm, and type Aluminum (Al) for range 0.20 ~ 2.90 mm.

The application of Enameled Wires are widespread, serving as various components for building in generators, motors, transformers, relays, measuring instruments, control equipment that extend its important functions are respective industries.

All of our products have acquired major industry certification and listings. We have achieved UL Recognition in 1992, ISO 9001 Certification in March 1997, and ISO 14001 Certification in December 2007.

All of the Enameled Wire products are exported to foreign countries. The main markets are China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, and Vietnam. In 1998, Siam Pacific invested in Shanghai, and established Shanghai Asia Pacific Electric Co., Ltd. (SAP) as its subsidiary company.